Monday, 7 February 2011

PTZ IP camera for Factory video surveillance

The WH IP camera for factory video surveillance solution, security is including plant security and process control security to protect assets, equipment’s, and goods in production, stocks and staff. Many industrial surveillance is looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions for remote viewing of their factories or production lines. WH understands their specific requirements and provides an efficient solution of IP camera video surveillance and process monitoring system to meet their demands.

Production line video surveillance
The factory installing the WH IP camera video surveillance system to monitor manufacturing production lines, make sure that everything is under control of the processes and help to maximize worker efficiency and enhance the productivity.

Remote troubleshooting
When your customer get any problem of using the product or any breakdown occur, video images from IP camera can be used to assist your customer to get the online technical support by any PC with network connection, wherever they are.

Warehouse stock management
The WH IP network camera of the PTZ dome installed in your warehouse are ideal for monitoring the loading and unloading processes of the goods. Provide an ideal solution for your stock management to prevent the vandalism and theft and decrease the risk of negligence of the workers.

Construction site monitoring
Using WH IP camera of the PTZ cmaera to monitor the achieved progress during construction, the public work department of the government or property developers is able to view the real-time video images remotely through the Internet.

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