Monday, 7 February 2011

PTZ IP camera for Office Video Surveillance

WH IP camera for office video surveillance solution, offers building a secure business office environment, the network IP camera well-suited for your office IP video surveillance system, camera provide real-time office surveillance, and snapshot function for your office visitor. Network surveillance camera applications such as office building, and warehouse, provide cost-effective IP network surveillance camera, for your office video surveillance system.

Building a secure business office environment
Building a secure business office environment, needs an efficiently video surveillance, protection and prevention. The WH IP camera is high performance IP video surveillance system, provide clear image to protect your office security and High-value equipment, such as computers, printers, copiers, fax machines etc, and is a key target for burglars. With the reality of crime, stealing, acts of terrorism and other risks that would have an impact on your business.

Remember that assets destroyed or stolen are costs you will have to bear, in terms of both replacing the asset itself and of any lost business. You need to ask the question "Could I carry on business as usual when this asset has been lost? ", if the answer is “No ", then you need to protect it. Prevention is always better than cure and it will save you money – invest to save. Being security-minded and having simple security measures in place, you can help to protect your business against crime and make the work of crimes more difficult.

Designed your office IP camera system
The IP camera of IP surveillance system is designed to secure your office equipment, and staff. It not only improves the physical security and property security for your office security, also comprises integrated surveillance applications, such as access control, pan tilt zoom, and day/night video surveillance, alarm and stock accessing management.

Let's look how intelligent IP camera of the IP surveillance technology, can provide a good office security of video surveillance solution for your business:

Network IP camera offers real-time office surveillance
The network IP camera with built-in web server offers security personnel can see the real-time video surveillance, from the control room or any remote location with network connection, offers good surveillance, to detect intruders from the office, to the area around the outside of the building. Motion detection and alarm functionalities enable the security personnel to detect the unusual event and give the prompt and appropriate response to it.

Snapshot function for office visitor
The office of the visitor may be admitted during business hours after giving the receptionist his or her name and presenting photo identification. The IP camera of the PTZ dome installed at the front desk records the video images from the visitor and take a snapshot of the visitor and the photo will be printed on the temporary pass and be saved as evidence.

Office building surveillance bring more protection
An office building brings many important responsibilities. One of the most important is proper office surveillance, of the video surveillance management. Office building surveillance is necessary in order to keep staffs and their belongings safe. Staffs will feel happy and satisfied when they work in the environment where they are sure it is secure and well-protected.

IP surveillance for warehouse operation

Your warehouse is designed for ease of access, loading and unloading of goods. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities. WH IP surveillance, of the IP camera provide multiple functionalities, such as PTZ camera with pan, tilt, and zoom to perform a continued guard tour monitoring and reduce the risk of crimes.
Cost-effective office video surveillance
The IP camera, are the innovated technology for professional video surveillance. WH offers varies IP camera, for different conditions use, such as day/night or indoor and outdoor, provides you a simpler, flexible and cost effective solution for your office surveillance requirement.

If you have invested heavily in the traditional CCTV camera system for security video surveillance, WH offers the most cost-effective solution to convert your CCTV system to IP digital surveillance. Video servers can be integrated with your existing analog cameras and the analog video signals will be digitized and sent directly over the LAN or Ethernet, enable you to view the video images from any PC with network connection.

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