Monday, 14 February 2011

WH-S110 PTZ IP camera – Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

WH-S110 PTZ IP camera - iPro Astro - Indoor Pan Tilt Zoom

WH-S110 PTZ IP camera Introduction
The WH-S110 PTZ has both analog and Ethernet outputs. It combines traditional CCTV and IP network, and it increases PTZ IP camera flexibility and management applications. It is very suitable for diverse management. Applications such as bank, parking lot, and public areas video surveillance are typical work for the camera.  

High performance DSP Chip
The WH-S110 PTZ Camera is equipped with a DSP engine chip improving camera performance, capturing more details and clear images. It is ideal for indoor video surveillance.  

Advanced 22x Optical zoom
The PTZ camera use state-of-the-art optical design, equipped 22x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom. It is easy to capture target recognition and identification.

360 degree rotation surveillance by pan/tilt
PTZ IP camera can perform 360 degree rotation surveillance, with pan/tilt capabilities and auto-patrol function. It is ideal for wide range video surveillance application. The PTZ camera has up to 480 TV lines resolution, reliable and great performance. It is equipped with intelligence function, including motion detection, email alarm, and relay output to meet your video surveillance needs.  

Powerful Video-Processing chip
The WH-S110 PTZ IP camera powerful Video-Processing chip enhancing image quality automatically processed such as strong backlighting, bright highlights and deep shadows.

  • Outstanding image quality
  • Exceptional dynamic range
  • Captures more detail
WH camera DSP chip

Powerful 22x Zoom
The Powerful function of 22x optical zoom easy License Plate Capture

WH camera optical zoom

Pan/Tilt Control functionality
For the remote control of the pan/tilt functionality via internet or network, you can adjust the camera's viewing angle by simply clicking the Up/Down/ Left/Right button, enable you to easily move the camera lens to focus on the object which you want to monitor.

  • Pan - Left and Right up to 360 degrees
  • Tilt - Forward and Backward up to 90 degrees

64 Preset Settings for a Multiple point Auto-patrol surveillance
WH PTZ preset position