Monday, 7 February 2011

PTZ IP camera for School Video surveillance

The WH IP camera for school video surveillance solution, security is an essential concern for campus worldwide. Reducing problems of crime and violence to provide a safe environment for teachers, students and staffs is the top priority.

An efficiently video surveillance system will help the school administrators to improve campus security. Network video surveillance from WH offers a reliable solution for campus safety and helps you to create a safer and more secure learning environment for students.

IP camera remote monitor from anywhere
Utilizing the existing network cabling, WH IP camera can provide school administrators or authorized security officials with digital videos by the PCs which connected to the LAN or Internet, the IP network camera of the PTZ camera are installed to monitor the entrance, student cafeteria, laboratories, labs, sports ground and the library.

If outsiders on campus are a primary concern, the IP camera which installed to monitor the entrance will be necessary and the ability of recognizing accuracy is requested to control unauthorized access. The IP camera is high resolution provides more detail and the snapshot photo of the outsiders will be stored.

Motion detection increase school security protection
Outside school time, it is necessary first to detect that an incident or problem is occurring. The motion detection is requested in all school hallways, administrative offices, and rooms with high-value assets. The build-in Motion Detection system of the IP camera will automatically transmits images to the security personnel when motion detected. For example, when someone is breaking into a building, this act will be detected and that information will be supplied to the authorized security officials right away and they can respond to the incident in the shortest time.

Cost-effective and flexible solution for effective IP surveillance
Compared to the long-term cost of personnel or the cost impact of not preventing a particular incident, the IP network video surveillance solution ensures high return on investment in the long run. The monitoring software simplifies the process of security monitoring, the operator can easily view the images and control the Pan Tilt Zoom camera of the IP camera, and the recorded image data can be stored on the hard drives or even the file server in order to retrieve the recorded images over a period of several months.

Choosing the right IP camera of the products to ensure an effectively school surveillance security is not only can save the unnecessary cost for school, but also can protect the staffs, students and the assets.

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