Monday, 7 February 2011

PTZ IP camera for Store Video Surveillance

The WH IP camera for store video surveillance needs, to help you run a successfully store security surveillance. In addition, WH offer high resolution IP camera, to help you create a secure environment, and protect your customers, employees and store. To protect your merchandise and avoid the losses from shoplifting, employee fraud and collusion, cash fraud, you need an effectively security IP camera for video surveillance system.

An efficient store video surveillance
The store need an efficient IP camera video surveillance system, enables you to see the complete and clear video image of all the events. Utilizing the real time network surveillance information you have, it is very easy to address security threats and reduce loss.

WH develops IP camera for IP video surveillance system and video surveillance software, offers a wide variety of store security surveillance solutions which already being used in stores around the world. The IP camera applications include PTZ camera, fixed camera, and PTZ dome for video surveillance with worldwide support and service for store from WH can help you to improve the operations of your security personnel and enhance your security systems.

Store of IP video surveillance system
The store of the administrator is able to monitor all store locations, remotely from virtually any location with network connection. IP camera can be used to view, record and measure customer behavior, stock condition and employee's work efficiencies. The Network PTZ camera build-in motion detection system can send images of an unauthorized invader to you and the police or security agencies when the store closed.

Store network surveillance combine CCTV camera
The network video IP camera surveillance allows you to use your existing analog CCTV camera system which already installed in very outlet by connecting to the video server. Instead of VCR or DVR, the hard disks of your PC or the storage server will be used to store the recorded video images, perform rapid and accurate search and retrieval for the recorded video. This IP video surveillance solution for store provides a more complete view of events and creates a safer, security-rich environment for your customers, employees and property.

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