Monday, 7 February 2011

PTZ IP camera for Public Video surveillance

The WH IP camera for public video surveillance demands, and increases the security protected. For passengers, no matter for business or personal travel, need to feel safe when traveling. While there is a need for increased vigilance in crowded places, an effective video surveillance system, and public security become very important.

The video images which transmitted over coaxial cables from an analog camera are usually unsatisfactory, the video tapes which used to store the video images are not allowing for easy retrieval or search.

Advanced IP camera video Surveillance
WH specializes in advanced IP video surveillance solutions for the public transportation markets and provides the integrated IP video surveillance system. The real-time images from the IP camera of the PTZ camera which installed to monitor the platforms, entrances, exits, ticket machines, stairways and the halls can be viewed and recorded at the remote control center. The PTZ camera or PTZ dome system gives the control center the highest possible visibility of the monitoring sites, resulting in effective management of the platforms and appropriate response to the incidents.

The WH IP camera is connected to a remote control center through the existing network, each railway station is being monitored 24 hours per day. The application IP camera includes PTZ IP camera, and PTZ dome, with other features, such as pan tilt zoom capabilities, motion detection, alarm and two-way audio, further enhance the functionality of cameras. The IP cameras improved the effectiveness of video surveillance system and ease the burden of the security personnel, provide accurate and high-quality images, and help the security personnel to prevent crime by alerting them to suspicious behaviors.

With the advantages of flexibility, scalability and low cost of ownership, IP video surveillance is rapidly becoming the best choice for the public-transport security.

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